About LynkD
Hey, we're LynkD.
We are developing innovative hardware and software solutions for access control. We are focused on solving major issues in the Access Control + Smart Device spaces including:
1. Providing powerful data analytics for your devices and users
2. Cutting out the hassle in purchasing and setting up your devices
3. Allowing you to only pay for what you use
Our focus is to provide powerful access control systems that are specifically designed for your needs. More than just providing another stock security system, we are here to help you connect, configure, and control your users, devices, and the data behind them.
Whether you are looking to secure the front door to your office with a LynkD QuickBolt or manage a fleet of remote shipping containers... We have a solution for you.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at Support@LynkD.com or @GoLynkD on social media.