Testimonials and Basic Use
Meeting House Install
Lynkd Time Based Keys
Managing Access to a Mountain Property
LynkD Business Center or LynkD Rental Center?
Devices Types
Lynkd Business uses Bluetooth, Wifi, RFID, Biometric and Sync. Rental uses LynkD Sync exclusively.
Users & Customers
Business Center: Add users - configure permissions - get notifications and reports. Rental Center: get paid!
Keys & Barcodes
Business: Program and update RFID Keys, Fobs, Phones, and more: Rental: Drive business with Lynkd Sync barcodes.
Get a LynkD Center by visiting the Software page and purchase either LynkD Business Center or LynkD Rental Center.
LynkD Device types include: Wifi, Bluetooth, RFID, Biometric, Keypad - LynkD Sync!
Onboard Bluetooth "Users" using LynkD business center and the LynkD app. Add "Customers" by creating a listing and establishing business rules.
Business Center gives full control over users, devices and key!. Rental Center increases revenue and customer convenience. Transactions are logged independent of the system you choose!