LynkD Business or LynkD Share?
Devices Types
Lynkd Business uses Bluetooth, Wifi, RFID, Biometric. Lynkd Share uses LynkD Sync with business tools.
Users & Customers
Business: Add users - configure permissions - get notifications and reports. Share: get paid!
Keys & Barcodes
Business: Program and update RFID Keys, Fobs, Phones, and more: Share: Drive business with Lynkd Sync barcodes.
Lynkd Business Center: Real-Time Control
Seamlessly integrate and command your smart devices using our intuitive mobile and desktop apps. Available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, our application empowers you to connect, customize, and control from anywhere. Dive into a smarter, more connected world. Devices record access, alert when tampered with, and are easy to connect.
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Lynkd Share: "Your lock - Your business"
Easy as 1-2-3: 1-Buy Lynkd Share. 2-Create a listing with what you will charge for use. 3-Collect revenue. Lynkd Share takes care of the security, advertising, payment and scheduling. All for $4.99 per month...
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LynkD Business: Event Logging & Reporting
Lynkd Business unlocks your history. With LynkD Reports, get a comprehensive "Owner's Digest" view of all happenings within your business. With LynkD Analytics, stay in the loop on who’s accessing your devices, ensuring complete transparency and control.
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Getting Started
Get a LynkD Center by visiting the Software page and purchase either LynkD Business Center or LynkD Share Center.
Purchase devices based on type of center you have chosen. LynkD Business center devices are connected with the LynkD App. Connecting any LynkD share device is done automatically using a Sync Code provided with each device.
Onboard Bluetooth "Users" using LynkD business center and the LynkD app. Add "Customers" by creating a listing and establishing business rules.
Manage your "business" devices through the LynkD App and business center. Lynkd Share uses QR code links for any customer situation . All transactions are logged independent of the system you choose!